Artist Profile: Tiko Kerr

Tiko Kerr Head Shot.jpg

Marion Bridge's set is designed by multi-disciplinary artist Tiko Kerr. He's recently shifted his creative practice to explore paper collage and examine notions of perception through abstraction. Tiko has applied this new interest and studies to create a dynamic and clever set design for A Wing and A Prayer's Marion Bridge

Lately I have worked with amalgamating images and concepts in a collage-like mode in order to create new visual interconnected associations blending abstract and figurative images into my work.
— Tiko Kerr

Tiko has coupled his interest in collage with his extensive background in landscape to create an innovative set that evokes rural Cape Breton. Below he shares his process for designing the set from early concept drawings through to scale models, from paper collage to final hangs...

You can see Tiko's fully-realized set during the run of Marion Bridge in the Studio Theatre, September 5-20. And, you can see even more of Tiko's work next May, when he's mounting a one-man show at the Gordon Smith Gallery in North Vancouver.

Zoe Quinn