Youth Conservatory

Summer 2018

The Kay Meek Youth Conservatory intensive sets each actor/student on a learning path that encourages them to excel as young artists and ensemble members. The creative team will develop an individualized program for each student that showcases their strengths and encourages growth in other areas of their craft. Students will be paired with a character, or set of characters, and corresponding tracks. This process focuses on technique and the development of their skills in dance, voice and acting, as well as in leadership and team work. 

The Kay Meek Youth Conservatory introduces students to all aspects of the theatre craft. During the course of this three (Junior)- four (Senior) week intensive, they will participate in the building of an entire production, including: character development, production design, and production management.

The creation of an entire production from scratch, during this short and intense time period, creates a unique and incredible experience for each participant. The course has been developed to ensure it equally supports both individual growth and team building – effectively demonstrating how working collaboratively leads to greater success. Students will not only leave with greater skills, but with a sense of trust, support and lasting bonds.

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Please join us for an optional information session for parents and students on June 19 at 7pm at Studio Theatre, Kay Meek Centre (Drop-ins welcomes)



The first will be a day of discovery and exploration where the creative team will work with the students as individuals, small groups, and as a whole, to pair each student with a character track or tracks. The remaining three weeks we will develop and grow in our skills as we create our production of Annie Junior.

Ages 8-13
July 2 - July 21


The Senior Conservatory begins with 3 days of group exploration in music, acting, and dance, followed by a day of audition for the roles in Seussical Junior. Once casting and individual learning paths are outlined, we will begin with rehearsals alternating with workshops, such as: Voice & Diction, Vocal Technique, Individual Voice Lesson, Body Rhythm & Percussion, Musical Theatre Improvisation, Stage Combat, Dance Sessions: Tap/ Hip Hop/ Broadway/ Jazz, and Brand Development. 

Ages 14-18
July 9 - Aug 3


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