Accessible Parking

There is a bay with room for three or four cars immediately outside our entrance on Mathers Avenue (see image below). At one end of this bay, the curb is dropped for easy access. Immediately behind this bay (on the west side) is an area where patrons can be dropped off if their driver needs to find somewhere else to park.

From here, visitors can access the venue via the automatic doors (on the right as you approach the lobby). There is an elevator around to the right which can take you to both the Grosvenor Theatre (Main Floor) and the McEwen Theatre (Lower Floor).

Accessible Seating

Booking Accessible Seats Online

There is very limited wheelchair/accessible seating available in both of our theatres. This is located at the back of the Grosvenor Theatre, and in the front row of the McEwen Theatre.

In both of these spaces, the chairs are removable – so you are welcome to use the seats in situ, or to remain in a wheelchair or walker if preferred. You can also have one seat removed to serve as a wheelchair space, for example, and leave one seat in for a companion.

Please note the following:

  • Since these spaces are limited, and booking is by self-identification, we ask that patrons be mindful and prioritise booking our standard seats where they are able. We reserve the right to re-seat parties who could comfortably sit elsewhere.

  • Accessible seats are limited to 2 per order, to allow equal opportunities to all of our patrons. If you need more than two accessible seats, please contact our Box Office to discuss your requirements.

  • If seats are greyed out, they are unavailable. As with all other seats, our accessible seating is first-come, first-served.

Tickets for these seats are available to all patrons who identify as requiring them. You can opt-in to access via your online account here, following these instructions:

1. Log into your account.

2. Click the ‘Other Preferences’ tab.

3. Check any of the appropriate boxes in the ‘Accessibility’ section, and click ‘Save’.

You can now book accessible seating online! If available, these seats will be visible on the seating map when you go to book an event, using the universal ‘wheelchair accessible’ icon:

Essential Companion Tickets

The Kay Meek Arts Centre is proud to offer a complimentary ticket to any patron who requires assistance or supervision in order to access one of our host events. This Essential Companion must be capable of assisting the patron during an emergency – including personalised medical assistance or building evacuation.

If you would benefit from an Essential Companion ticket, please contact the Box Office by email or on 604-981-6335 so we can set your account up to access the discount.

Once you have been set up as (or requiring) an Essential Companion, you will be able to book Essential Companion tickets online by following these steps:

1. Log into your account.

2. Add tickets to your cart as with any other booking. When selecting your ticket types, change one to ‘Essential Companion’ (only visible on events for which the offer is applicable):

3. It will appear at the same price as a Standard ticket – but clicking ‘Continue’, you’ll note that the Essential Companion offer has been applied:

4. During the checkout process, you will be able to confirm that your Essential Companion ticket has been reduced to $0. Then complete the checkout process as usual.

Seat Information

Grosvenor Theatre

  • Seat width (between armrests): 45cm
  • Seat depth: 46cm
  • Seat height: 42cm
  • Leg room (beyond seat edge): 35cm
  • Aisle width: 53cm
  • Arm rest length: 26.5cm (not removable)
  • Step height: 12-14cm
  • Steps down to front row: 34
  • Steps between rows: 2
  • Handrails: Yes (exposed ends; do not terminate at the wall)

McEwan Theatre

  • Seat width (between armrests): 45.5cm
  • Seat depth: 42cm
  • Seat height: 44cm
  • Leg room (beyond seat edge): 45cm
  • Aisle width: 63cm
  • Arm rest length: 26cm (not removable)
  • Step height: 13.5-15cm
  • Steps up to back row: 12
  • Steps between rows: 2
  • Handrails: No

Hearing Assistance

Hearing assistance devices are available for events in the Grosvenor Theatre only. Please talk to the front of house manager if you need one.