music in a jazz club setting

The jazz club setting of the Kay Meek Studio Theatre is home to the CABARET Series - featuring Latin, jazz and “ferocious folk”. With a fun and casual atmosphere and licensed table seating, this series is becoming the North Shore’s favourite night out!  中文页面 (Chinese Info)

Series of 2 shows ● Adult $66 ● Seniors $66 ● Students $40

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Single tickets ● Adult $38 ● Senior $36 ● Student $25

Cabaret Series Sponsors: British Properties and AFT Trivest



April 3 & 4, 2019 ● 7:30pm

Important to the world of music for his extraordinary musicianship, Brito is known for the unique musical and cultural traditions he promulgates through his work – the choro music of Brazil.

For this performance, Friday night subscribers attend on Wednesday.


May 1-3, 2019 ● 7:30pm

Quarteto Nuevo merges western classics, eastern European folk, Latin and jazz with an organic feel that packs a wallop! They effectively meld the music of ancient worlds and faraway places with a contemporary groove that enchants audiences.


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